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Curriculum Intent

At Greenwood we operate a curriculum which is designed to be personalised to individual needs and to re-engage students in their education journey, whilst furnishing them with the attributes, skills and knowledge that they will need to be successful when they leave our care.


Attributes: We use ‘Four R’s’ (Resilience, Reflectiveness, Relationships and Resourcefulness) to describe the attributes that our students will need to be successful learners and navigate social and work situations effectively. When planning and delivering lessons, all teachers at Greenwood are required to explicitly teach students how to improve in these key areas. Alongside this whole school approach, students will also take part in specific learning experiences aimed at developing their emotional resilience, making them more receptive to learning, and more able to navigate complex social situations.

Skills: At Greenwood Literacy, Numeracy, Digital Literacy, Thinking Skills and Problem Solving skills are the core academic skills that are taught to all students, irrelevant of what point they are on their learning journey. Once again we take a whole school approach to teaching these skills with all teachers being expected to plan and deliver lessons that take them into account.


At Key Stage 3 the majority of students will stay with us for a relatively short period of time. The aim of the key stage 3 curriculum is to ensure that students are able to successfully integrate back into their mainstream provision or specialist provision depending on their need. Our aim is to rapidly improve student literacy and numeracy skills, closing gaps and accelerating progress in these areas, alongside developing the attributes for life and learning that many of our students lack. At key stage 3 knowledge is used as a vehicle to teach these key attributes and skills through a project based approach.

At Key Stage 4 it is likely that students will stay with us for a more extended period of time. The aim of our key stage 4 curriculum is to prepare them for their post 16 pathway and the world of work. The attributes and skills outlined above remain a priority and are at the core of the key stage 4 curriculum. However we also aim to ensure our students attain the knowledge and qualifications that they need to become successful independent adults. Each student follows a personalised curriculum tailored to their needs, and providing access to a range of learning opportunities, qualifications and careers advice designed to ensure that they have the right qualifications and skills for their chosen post 16 pathway.

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