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Careers Guidance

At Greenwood School we aim to support pupils and parents/carers by providing timely advice and guidance throughout the students time at the school. This support, advice and many opportunities are made possible by our positive relationships with local Colleges, Employers and Training providers.

Every student has the opportunity for an impartial guidance interview, to explore the range of education or training options – including apprenticeships and other vocational pathways.

Greenwood School has a qualified and impartial Careers Advisor that visits the school regularly, to provide support in making individual future career and study plans. 


Labour Market Information (LMI)

It is important for every student, parent and carer to be aware of and make use of Labour Market Information. This can help to prepare students for decisions on future study and potential job sectors. LMI is updated regularly and shows trends and opportunities to support students in a successful future career.

To learn more about the most up to date local Labour Market Information click here.

LMI Bulletin May 2023 - click here

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