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School expectations

Students are encouraged to wear the following items as their School Uniform;

                *Black School Logo Jumper

                *Black or dark coloured trousers

                *White Polo shirt or T-shirt

                *Black or dark coloured shoes that cover the foot.

Students at Greenwood are rewarded for wearing their Greenwood jumper by gaining a stamp. Once the student has achieved five stamps they can choose between a Tesco Meal Deal or 300 extra points towards their end of half term voucher.

Greenwood School firmly believe that a student’s attendance at School, ensuring they feel safe and comfortable is vitally important. If your child attends School not wearing the correct uniform then their Keyworkers will contact you and discuss any barriers that there may be. Students not wearing appropriate clothing will be offered items if and when appropriate to ensure they are properly dressed for the School day considering each students individual circumstance.

Two Greenwood jumpers are given to every student when they start at Greenwood. Additional jumpers can be purchased from the School or parents should contact their child’s keyworker if there is a uniform issue.

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