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Greenwood School

(Passionate about Progress) 

‘Every interaction will be a learning experience, and every learning experience must be an opportunity for progress.’ 


At Greenwood School we will work together as a community to ensure that all the young people in our care receive the best possible preparation for independent adult life. Learning from a young person’s early childhood experiences, education journey and current home circumstances, we aim to create for them a bespoke learning journey.  


About Us:

Greenwood School is a Pupil Referral Unit and provides places for up to 66 students. Approximately 46 places are allocated to KS3/4 students who have been permanently excluded, are at risk of permanent exclusion from their mainstream school or are awaiting a place at a specialist placement. Approximately 20 places are allocated to KS3/4 children who are medically unwell or who are emotionally vulnerable, with a consultant level diagnosis of a condition related to their mental health.  The school supports 9 secondary schools (8 Academies) in the New Forest as well as providing provision for students out of this area at the request of the Local Authority.


Provision Statement:


Full referral provision can include; full or part time education onsite, home tuition, online learning and/or alternative provision, or a combination of these. Alongside this, outreach provision is available aimed at reducing exclusions and referrals and keeping students single rolled at their mainstream school. Our outreach can include; Online learning; regular keyworker home visits; lesson observations and bespoke advice for teachers; small group therapy (e.g. lego therapy); weekly one to one meetings; parent classes and advice; careers advice and work experience support; one to one CBT session; integration and managed moved support.


We are able to offer a number of alternative provision opportunities in collaboration with local partners. Examples of these provisions can include; work experience, college placements, horse therapy, woodland qualifications, fishing, construction courses and Greenwood Alternative Provision (GAP) our own onsite animal care course. These provisions can form part of an outreach offer or can be sourced for schools who want to extend their own curriculum for individual students.


Core Purpose:


The school’s core purpose is to address the issues that are making students unsuccessful in their mainstream schools, alongside supporting them to achieve good academic progress and secure effective transition to wherever their next destination might be. At KS4, students follow a core curriculum of English, Maths, PE, ICT and PSHE alongside subjects such as Life Skills, Science, Art, Food Technology, Construction and Land Based Studies. The KS4 curriculum is flexible and tailored to student’s individual needs. Offsite learning opportunities are actively sought to enhance the core curriculum offer and support students in successful transition to college or the world of work. At KS3, this curriculum offer is supplemented by SEAL and Project lessons, which focus on the development of student’s social and emotional mental health and learning skills.

We hope that our website will provide as much information about our school as you might need but please do not hesitate to call if you have any other questions.


Vicky Essex

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